Manifesto for a Leeds Mayor

What would you most love to see in a Manifesto for a Leeds Mayor*?

What ideas, policies and strategies might really help to transform the city?

Don’t be shy!  Say it as you see it…..

Leave a comment.  Offer a blog post. Whatever you like.

*Apologies for the gendered language…..

3 thoughts on “Manifesto for a Leeds Mayor

  1. Digital strategy : Provide facilities which are of real / practical use to as many Leeds residents [not commuters] as possible so that they become digitally included.

    ie. Not a wifi hotspot in Millenium Square. If I was vunerable, socially deprived, etc., I wouldn’t be able to / want to be going there in order to search for employment, fill in claim form, look for ‘a best buy’, etc. at any time – let alone on a morning such as today’s.

  2. I’d like to see more thought being given to green issues, and ensuring that every project has a green champion to ensure thought is given to environmental impact.

    For example:
    From my own observations, I see the postal service delivering more unsolicited mail, junk mail, and flyers, than they deliver post to many households. Why is this allowed? It seems stupid when most people simply put the paper straight into the bin – without even glancing at it.

  3. A manifesto itself! When was the last time a council election was fought on the basis of local party manifestos. In the last election only the Tories had a roughish manifesto and that was darned hard to find.

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