A Super Authority with a Super Mayor?

The mayors for cities thing does not seem to fit that well with the whole agenda for a city region and a Local Enterprise Partnership.

We seem to have got it fixed in that the the Leeds City Region and the Local Enterprise Partnership are at least covering the same patch – even if that does mean stretching the definitions of ‘Local’ a little.

But where will the Mayors fit in?

I believe that Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield in the City Region have been invited to have referenda on whether or not they want mayors.  If they vote YES will these mayors simply replace local authority representation on the Leeds City Region?  And how will that help to develop a balanced City Region?

Perhaps the Leeds City Region will evolve into a super authority with a Super Mayor to go with it?

2 thoughts on “A Super Authority with a Super Mayor?

  1. Why assume that we want an elected mayor?

    We need to stay well clear of celebrity politics and ensure that we have a Council that responds to the needs of the many.
    There is a very good chance that a single figurehead with power to do what they like would not look after the interests of the many.

    • Here is how I see it. The referendum question has been asked in such a way that it is more likely that we will get a Yes for the mayor vote. Business lobbies are already urging for a yes vote so that they can install a business friendly mayor. Political and business interests with power and money see this as an opportunity to grab power and ‘get things done’, mainly involving more physical infrastructure development and other business friendly proposals as the orthodoxy has it that if business is good then all is well with the city as trickle down looks after the rest.

      Those who doubt whether a business led renaissance will deliver a sustainable and fair city have yet to really stir themselves as far as I can see.

      So, if we are faced with the prospect of concentrating power in the hands of a single person in the office of mayor, what kind of person would we want and what kind of policies might we want them to pursue?

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